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Physician's Office Consulting (POC) is a locally owned consulting company for medical laboratories. Specializing in laboratory setup and compliance, POC offers facilities peace of mind when it comes to credentialing, monitoring, and testing. With experienced staff members, Physician's Office Consulting is the regions most advanced firm, with decades of medical technology experience. Working with medical facilities of all sizes, POC has grown quickly and will begin servicing more states soon.

Meet Our Team


Marcia Sortet, MLT, ASCP

731.695.3430 Marcia@poclabtech.com (more…)

Shirley Scott, BSMT

731.414.5199 Shirley.scott50@gmail.com (more…)

Peggy Adams, BSMT

731.643.7742 Peggy.poclabtech@gmail.com (more…)

Joni Craig, BSMT

731.234.1883 Jonipoclabtech@gmail.com (more…)

Jill Mats, MBA, MT(ASCP)

731.695.3542 jill.mats@yahoo.com (more…)

Meredith Brown, MBA, BS MT (AMT)

662.347.9567 Meredith.poclabtech@gmail.com (more…)

Tammy Bryant, MS BS MT (ASCP)

662.931.7229 Tammy.poclabtech@gmail.com (more…)




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