What We Do

When a physician office lab becomes moderately complex, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory
Improvement Amendments) requires that a qualified Medical Director (with laboratory
experience) and a qualified Technical Consultant monitor the lab to keep it
compliant. Physician Office Consulting (POC) provides CLIA qualified Technical
Consultants to navigate this ever changing complex environment. If a lab provides
highly complex testing we can also provide a qualified Medical Director if needed.
POC assists their clients with two different phases in coverage based on the lab’s
complexity. There is the initial set up of a new lab, one fee covering the consultation and
education of the clinic staff for approximately the first two months. The
secondary phase covers the ongoing service of keeping the lab compliant and running
efficiently, this includes a bi-monthly on-site visit. Additionally, our staff will assist the
clinic in remaining compliant with CLIA and be present and participate with all
scheduled surveys.